We are a independent Herbalife distributor located in Lisbon. We have been in business as a Herbalife distributor for 5 years. Our goal is helping people lose weight and work with you so you can reach your personal goal. As we all know weight loss can be very frustrating, costly, and requires making some changes to our eating habits. One major thing we need to keep in mind is we did not gain a lot of weight overnight , and we will not lose all excess weight overnight. Weight loss programs do not always produce the same results on everyone so weight loss results will vary from person to person.
We also must remember that most weight loss failure is due to wandering off the path. A great key to success it to document what we eat.
Remember in today’s economy it is a buyer’s market. So why not take advantage of the opportunity, shop and compare products. unfortunately Herbalife forbids us from posting open prices or offering any special offers on our website.
For a free personalized quote send product information (or sku#) for products shipped to your address. No hidden fees and good for 30 days

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